• Grace Episcopal Church - Yorktown, Virginia


    Constructed in 1848, the existing church is the fourth built on this site.

    During the Revolutionary War, when the church was used as a magazine by Lord Cornwallis, it lost its windows and pews. In 1814 it was accidentally burned. The church remained in ruins until 1848 when it was rebuilt, this time without the original north wing. It was at this time that the name was changed from York-Hampton Parish Church to Grace Church.

    Before the Revolutionary War, the parish served by this church, was one of the most sought after appointments for clergy, due in part to its size: 20 miles long and 4 miles wide, with over 200 families residing in the parish.

    During The War Between the States, Federal troops erected a signal tower on the roof. The interior, which was used as a hospital, suffered extensive damage, and the colonial churchyard wall was demolished. The church was returned to use around 1870.

    The bell, still in use, is inscribed "County of York, Virginia, 1725." The bell probably hung originally in the court house, but it is known to have rung from the church's belfry during Colonial times. It is uncertain when the bell broke, but its fragments were carried off during The War Between the States. The pieces were found in Philadelphia in 1882, the bell was recast and returned to Grace Church in 1889.

    I included the name of the church, Grace Episcopal Church, and the historic location, Yorktown, Virginia.

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