My Story

The story of Through My Lens Photography is amazing to me as I look back and see how God’s hand has guided and directed my life. He has put so many wonderful people in my path at just the right time who have encouraged me to forge ahead. For that reason ‘My Story’ is not so much about myself, as it is about relationships, friendships, and community.

My interest in photography began in my junior year of high school. My brothers and I were homeschooled, and we decided my science project for that year needed to be documented in better detail than past projects. The project was designing and building a Colonial Williamsburg style shed, and raised bed garden. We combined science and agriculture with photojournalism and I was hooked!

My last few years in school I was very active in pursuing my new-hobby of photography. As a volunteer I photographed parts of the annual homeschool convention that my family attended every year. My interest in agriculture also grew while working for my cousin’s cut-flower farm, and becoming a Newport News Master Gardener.

Around this time, to support my older brother, I joined a robotics team. I was the only students with a decent digital camera, so I was elected to be the team photographer…good thing too, as I really didn’t have any interest or knowledge in electronics or robotics. I loved being in the position of documenting the team’s efforts.

I went on to enter and win several top awards at the state fair in the photography category. As a result of much encouragement from friends and family, I began to consider going into business. After careful prayer and consideration, as well as family discussions, a week after my 19th birthday my dad and I went to City Hall. I applied for a business license and became the sole owner of Through My Lens Photography.

My first art show was in Hilton Village during its annual Fall Festival. It was a challenge from beginning to end. My dad spent hours making displays. We spent a fortune on framing photographs and renting tables and tablecloths. A good friend spent hours helping me figure out how to best display my work. The day of the show, my whole family came out. I was given what was called a prime spot in the event.  Unfortunately, it’s location on the corner of two major streets formed a wind tunnel. We quickly discovered that my tent wasn’t designed for such conditions! Four of us spent the entire time hanging onto the four corners of my tent. Two dear friends, came to give moral support, and were also recruited to act as anchors. It really did take all seven of us to keep everything from blowing away! On top of that, I didn’t sell enough to cover my booth fee!

The difficulties of my first show did not dampen my desire, I wanted to do more! I expanded my work and it was accepted into small consignment shops and I attended more art shows each year.

I learned so much in those first years! I made lots of mistakes, and had many ups and downs. As I look back on all those difficulties and lessons learned, I would not change a thing!

After volunteering several years for the annual state homeschool convention, I was hired to photograph the entire three day event in Richmond, Virginia. I continued as the official convention photographer for nine years. It was a rich training ground! I learned how, in a very short period of time, to assess a room and get the best photographs possible in difficult situations and poor lighting conditions. I had the privilege to photograph many local and international speakers, industry leaders, elected officials from state legislators to Governors, historical re-enactors, and nearly 1,000 homeschool graduates as they participated in the commencement exercises. During that time frame, I also photographed smaller events including weddings, families groups, and individual portrait sessions, including babies.

One opportunity that I am especially fond of, was being hired by our local NPR station, WHRO, to photograph several of their events. The person in charge of Special Events, saw my work at an art show (that, by the way, was one of my worst shows, and the most financially unrewarding!), took a business card and called me a week later. They have been fantastic to work with over the years. This taught me a valuable lesson about art shows and the attitude that I should have going into them: No matter how bad the sales or attendance, I look at the experience as an opportunity to meet new people, and make new contacts.

In 2003, I was hired to photograph the attendees at the annual Congress on the Future of Engineering Software convention held in Scottsdale, Arizona. The business owner has been supportive in both his constructive criticism and praise. His willingness to work with and around an inexperienced young man, to help create a product for his event that caters to the elite in the tech world has been invaluable. In 2014, I celebrated my 11th anniversary of working with this organization.

For two years, I worked for a networking/conference company that aimed to help women become financially independent by working from home. I was in charge of marketing and photographing their events. I also worked for a year at a small local newspaper as a journalist and director of photography. Through these two companies I learned about different areas of my community and met some wonderful people with whom I still have rich relationships, both personally and professionally. Through these relationships, I was able to find ways to give back to my community through networking, fundraising, and volunteering my time and photography. More and more opportunities for photography shoots, art shows, and galleries began to present themselves.

Today, my work has taken me throughout the states of Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, and Arizona. My photography has been featured in fine art exhibitions and can be seen in 14 local shops and art galleries. My work has also appeared in local and state publications. I am honored to be a member of the Denbigh Warwick Business Association and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. I am currently serving as a member of the board at the Yorktown Arts Foundation.


It’s with heartfelt appreciation that I acknowledge the people who have given of their time and resources; their wisdom, love, and friendship to help and encourage me and my business continue to grow and find a place in the world. I treasure you all!


My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, without His saving grace and boundless mercy, I wouldn’t be who I am today…to Him be the Glory!


Mom and Dad, the best, most amazing parents in the world. There are no words that I could ever begin to write that would thank you enough for all that you have done and are still doing to further my dreams. From financial assistance to helping at shows, labeling products to designing and editing marketing materials; organizing and building displays, transportation to and from shows and photo shoots, and everything in between; your undying support, love, encouragement and prayers have buoyed my hopes and dreams on more than one occasion. Thank you for helping me see the vision for my business, to treat my company as a mission to touch people’s lives…for pushing me to always do better and to do the right thing…I love you both so much!

Joshua and Caleb, my talented and understanding brothers:

Joshua, you have always been there to support and give sound advice even when I wasn’t willing to listen. Thank you for the countless hours you have spent designing and re-designing six new websites over the years for Through My Lens Photography. For being my first photographer’s assistant; for sitting with me at art shows when I know you were bored to death. For loving and encouraging me throughout my pursuit of business success. Thank you for being the best older brother!

Caleb, your quick smile and willingness to help has always been a blessing! Thanks for taking up the slack; for being my assistant-in-training at photo shoots. For also sitting with me for hours at art shows…we’ve worn out at least 2 sets of playing cards. For insisting that there is a better way to organize my products and for doing it for me. Also for you and mom being my most demanding editors and for encouraging me not to settle for anything but doing my best. Thank you for loving me and encouraging me…Thank you for being a wonderful younger brother,

Florence Feldman
the honorary member of the Fisher Family.

Dear Flo, thank you for being my trusted sounding board for all my ideas; ranging from changes in tent design & set up, to being one of my most reassuring editors. Your constant encouragement to follow God’s direction is a blessing I count on. Thank you for sharing your God given talents, and seeing me, all the way through from when I was a beginning photographer, starting at Home Educators Association of Virginia, to what you have helped me and my business in the past and future. Your Godly influence on my life, tender talks, your push for excellence, your welcoming hugs and joyous laughter have changed the way I see life.


Joel and N’omi Orr, my adopted grandparents; for your love and prayers during the developmental, infancy years of my business. For your constantly asking if I prayed about a problem or situation, then taking the time to pray with me if I hadn’t. Your influence on my life changed many things; joy entered my life. Thank you for your love, support, prayers, incredible warm hugs and contagious laughter.


Carole Oste, my first photography mentor and adopted aunt…you are so much more to me than a mentor; thank you for your guidance and direction when the world of photography was overwhelming me. Spending many long hours explaining things to help me think outside the box. Thank you for being a loving member of our family.


Newport News Master Gardeners Association, all my friends and ‘family’! I love you all so much! Twelve years ago you welcomed a 17-year-old kid into the Master Gardeners. I instantly gained more grandparents than anyone could possibly imagine. You have shared your wisdom, knowledge, passion, and joy for life. You have encouraged me in my journey to always look ahead and see the positive side of life. When I needed support through my grandparent’s death and my mom’s stroke you were there for me. You purchased my art work, invited me over to your homes to take pictures, and honored me by giving me a task and expecting my best no matter what my age. I learned skills and received knowledge that cannot be bought. I thank you all past and present Master Gardeners so much. What an incredible support group!

Yvonne Liang Tung, there are no words to describe how deeply your influence has been etched into my life. I’m a better person to have known you.

Sharron Kitchen Miller, thank you for your encouragement and support so early in my career; I think of you whenever I see a sunflower.

Anne Winkworth, your smile and whole-hearted love for me, my family, and my photography has touched me in so many ways. I truly treasure our friendship.

Lisa Mason Ziegler and Suzanne Frye, The Gardener’s Workshop crew; thank you for allowing me to photograph all your flowers in those early years of my business. For giving me the opportunity to sell my work for the very first time at your open house, thus forcing me to get a business license.

Anne Miller, I want to thank you for all you have done. For the many hours you spent helping me get Through My Lens Photography off the ground. For spending hours helping me figure out how to display my first art exhibit at the Poquoson library, that bare expanse of wall was intimidating! With total delight you explained the importance of color, design, contrast, and elegance. Even meeting me at the library and helping me set-up the display. I’ll never forget what you did for me, your eye for detail was invaluable!

Home Educators Association of Virginia, for my first corporate sale, and hiring me for nine years to photograph your convention. It was an incredible training ground! I wore out several pairs of tennis shoes in that convention center, and met some of the kindest people imaginable!

Charlie Brenneman at Brenneman’s Custom Frames, for your praise and eye for detail; thank you for giving me my first glimpse into what my photography could look like when framed by a professional. Your constant endeavor to make my art work look even better, gave me confidence to move forward.

Charlene Saunders (Women Working for Women)…Who knew that a chance meeting at an art show would lead to a friendship, and so much incredible insight and encouragement? Thanks so much for all your help with booth design and set-up, I still follow the concepts you gave me to this day.

Brad Holtz, your attention to detail and demand for a better product has kept me on my toes, and constantly striving to make things look better through my lens…thank you for never giving up on me, and for your constructive criticism and praise, you have helped me become a better photographer and person through our association.

Jason and Ruth Cooper, thank you so much for trusting me to photograph your engagement, wedding, and all three of your boy’s baby portraits! It has been a blessing to document the beautiful milestones in your life, thank you for inviting me into your family during your most treasured moments.

Sara Spencer, thank you so much for all your loving support. Whenever I think of you, I smile.

Susan Powell and Maydel Nelson, for giving a virtually unknown artist the opportunity to sell his work at your art show. Your encouragement has been wonderful! Yorktown Market Days are still one of my favorite shows because of the two of you.

Debbie Eliason and Bobbie Fisher at WHRO: for discovering my photography and for giving an inexperienced young photographer a chance.

Barb Hunt at The Hidenwood Frame Shop and Gallery, for taking my framing beyond my wildest dreams, and for being the amazing person and framer that you are; your eye for color and your ability to make my work come to life in a frame is a source of great joy.

Consignment shop owners, thank you for sticking by me through the years. Especially to those I’ve been with the longest:

Ruth at ‘The Virginia Store’

Pam at ‘Plantiques’

Karan and Allison at ‘Rooms, Blooms, and More’…

You gave me the hope that I could become a success!

My customers: Thank you all for your input, your friendships, and for your support in my journey. You have helped me grow as a person, an artist and business. You have welcomed my art into your homes and hearts and for that I am grateful. Thank you for being a part of the Through My Lens Photography ‘family’! I look forward to serving you for many years to come!



Seth Fisher
July 2014


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