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Customer Recommendation

"Having seen enough movies and been part of my share of photography sessions, I was expecting an abstract professionalism from Seth and his family. The care, passion, and patience they showed in placing in simple positions led us quickly and quietly to a set of amazing and extremely frame-able engagement poses. And, on the cutting room floor, they took the many shots and distilled them down to a set of high-quality prints that truly show their vision for what an engagement can look like. Truly they captured the heart of my beautiful intended. Thank you again!"

- Jason Cooper
The Groom



Customer Recommendation

"I knew from seeing his previous work that he has a true gift for photography and an eye for detail. When the day came for the engagement shoot I was more than pleased with his warmth and professionalism. Just as I had hoped he helped my fiance and I come up with the unique shots we were looking for. The final product was better than I could have expected!"

- Faith Bland
The Bride


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