I take photography very seriously. Those fleeting moments in a wedding will never be re-lived and I try my hardest to capture them for the couple to treasure for a lifetime. A wedding is more than just moments of the day, it’s about telling a story through my photography and showing the love the couple has for each other.

You are invited to browse through the galleries of weddings I've had the privilege of photographing. I want to thank these awesome couples for allowing me to tell their story, and for letting me share their special day with you.

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Customer Recommendation:

"The photographs are beautiful! My only problem is that I can not decide which ones to frame because they are all so good.
Thank you for your outstanding work and the quality, professional service that you provided."

- Sarah and Mitchell Scott
Bride and Groom



Customer Recommendations:

"As a first-time mother of the groom, I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of the photographers who took photographs for the Miller-Cooper wedding. I have never felt so accepted and coddled by a professional photographer before. The Fishers had a way with each of us, which further enhanced the making of a quite memorable occasion. The care and concern given to each detail of how our hair fell or if the flower was sitting correctly on the lapel; even to remind us of our posture in a clever manner was unequaled and I would like to personally thank you from all the Cooper family!"

-Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cooper
Parents of the Groom

"After I had the photographic excellence for my engagement shoot, Through My Lens Photography was the natural selection for my wedding. Sure enough, Seth and his staff came through with one-of-a-kind shots, perfect lighting, and an eye for those perfect moments. Truly, it seems as if every mundane moment much be filled with those exquisite elements of magic that Seth seems to notice everywhere. I heartily recommend them for your own wedding photography."

- Jason Cooper

The Groom

"As I have come to learn, there is only one chance to capture each significant event of a wedding day. As the day rushes by, these golden moments can easily be lost forever unless the person behind the lens has a sensitive eye, fabulous timing, and a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Seth's photographs are not only beautiful and thoughtfully shot---they captured many, many facets of the wedding day we would have missed if not for his gorgeous photos. In looking at the photographs, it seems Seth was everywhere, all at once. He caught some unbelievable moments that our family and friends will cherish for a lifetime-the serious moments, as well as the fun, quirky ones! We can hardly express our gratitude to Seth for his patience in working with us, and for the beauty, variety, clarity, and sensitivity of his photographs. We highly recommend his services!"

- Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Miller
Parents of the Bride

"Every time I try to put into words the depth of gratitude I feel for the pictures you took for my wedding, I find difficulty in selecting ones which will adequately express my thanks for your services in these areas.
As you know, Jason is very hard to capture truthfully on camera; when one appears, he performs. My greatest hope was that you would be able to capture who he really is inside, that you would be able to push past his awkwardness with cameras, and that his inner personality would be captured. This was a difficult task, but you have a true talent in photography. With every picture I looked at, I was struck with how well you not only captured who Jason really and truly is, but how well you encapsulated out love for each other.
Thank you for using your talents in immortalizing on film, not just the most perfect days of my life, but also the very deep love Jason and I hold for each other. We knew you were the right person for the job, we just had no idea how perfect you would be."

- Ruth Cooper
The Bride


Customer Recommendations:


"I had my doubts when my daughter asked me to contract with Through My Lens Photography for her wedding, but the results convinced me. Seth and his team were great to work with and the shots are fantastic."

- Paul Spencer
Father of the Bride

"My family and friends "oooo" and "ahhh" as the look at the photos of my daughter's wedding. Seth's eye for detail and quality are evident. He captured so many precious moments."

- Sara Spencer

Mother of the Bride

"I having Seth photograph our engagement, there was no question we wanted his services again for the wedding. Once again I had such a pleasant experience working with Seth on my most special day. He came up with so many breathtaking photos. Not only had he already come up with great ideas for shots beforehand but he also set my entire wedding party at ease during challenging group shots. There is not better way to commemorate such a special day than with beautiful photos and I certainly think there is no better photographer to take!"

- Faith Bland
The Bride


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