• Scenic Screensaver


    A collection of 30 scenic Through My Lens Photography photographs on CD.

    The perfect screensaver for the lover of the outdoors.

    This screensaver includes scenes of all types, from water, all seasons, sunsets, and much more!

    How to Order:

    If you have  decided to place an orders with us, this is how it works. I know this isn't the 'modern' way to do online ordering, but I wanted to be sure that the quality of your experience with Through My Lens Photography is improved by the personal touch of connecting with the artist, so I don't have a traditional online checkout system.

    Ordering:  Our online form is available by clicking here. Make sure you include the name of the screensaver, along with the quantity before you e-mail the form.
    You can also call or e-mail me directly to place an order: 757-877-6902 | seth@throughmylensphotography.com

    Payment: I accept Credit Cards and checks. Go ahead and place your order. Once your order is received, I will call you to either collect your credit card information or let you know how to mail a check and/or to verify shipping.

    Screensaver options:

    • Single Screensaver $10.00

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