• Floral Screensaver


    A collection of 30 beautiful floral Through My Lens Photography photographs on CD.

    The perfect screensaver for the garden/flower lover who works at a desk.

    This screensaver includes flowers of all colors, shapes, and textures. From daylilies, sunflowers, ageratum, daffodil, bleeding heart, lisianthus, and much more!

    Customer Reviews:

     "As flowers are blossoming on my computer screen in a continuous parade of color, texture and form; I delight in this technical garden."

    - Florence Feldman

    How to Order:

    If you have  decided to place an orders with us, this is how it works. I know this isn't the 'modern' way to do online ordering, but I wanted to be sure that the quality of your experience with Through My Lens Photography is improved by the personal touch of connecting with the artist, so I don't have a traditional online checkout system.

    Ordering:  Our online form is available by clicking here. Make sure you include the name of the screensaver, along with the quantity before you e-mail the form.
    You can also call or e-mail me directly to place an order: 757-877-6902 | seth@throughmylensphotography.com

    Payment: I accept Credit Cards and checks. Go ahead and place your order. Once your order is received, I will call you to either collect your credit card information or let you know how to mail a check and/or to verify shipping.

    Screensaver options:

    • Single Screensaver $10.00

Finding beauty in every detail...Taking notice of the unnoticed
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